Youtube Traffic Hack: 6 Steps To Finding The Top 3 Websites Embedding Your Videos

yt-playback-locationsHey Abdallah here,

It’s been quite some time since my last blog post and I wanted to share a cool trick today that will help you find blogs who use your videos.

These 6 quick steps will not only help you find out where your Youtube videos are being embedded but which sites audiences are watching your videos the longest.

Step 1: Make sure you are logged into your Youtube channel.


After you’ve created an optimized Youtube Channel and ranked your 1st video(s) you’ll need to log in at Youtube and will see the image above in the top right hand corner.

What you need to do then is click the picture of your Youtube profile like shown above.

Step 2: Video manager selection within Youtube


After you’ve clicked on your photo, you’ll see a window popup.

The next step is to click on the link that says Video Manager like shown above. This will gain you access to Youtube’s video manager.

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Step 3: Access the video manager on Youtube

We’re almost there …

The next step is to then click Analytics in the window that appears in the left hand corner within your Youtube channel.


Step 4: Access Youtube’s playback locations

And after you’ve clicked the Analytics link you’ll see a whole bunch of settings.

The one we’re looking for is called playback locations as shown below.


Step 5: Select Lifetime on the Playback locations page


What you’ll need to do next is select lifetime in the top right hand corner when you’re on the playback locations page.

The reason you want to do this is so that you can see ALL the websites embedding your videos 😉

Step 6: Scroll down to playback locations page


And the final step is to click the link that says “Embedded player on other websites”.

This link is well hidden at the bottom of the playback locations page — You’ll need to scroll the page to get to it.

What To Do Next After You Know Who Is Embedding Your Video Content


Next steps you can take once you find out the top 3 sites where people are watching your video content?

  • Engage the audience on the sites by helping them with questions and/or commenting and linking back to more video content.
  • Buy banner/contextuals ads on the sites.
  • Create a guest blog post for the sites embedding your videos which lead back to your site (preferably a squeeze page that converts that I learned during this interview with Nick).
  • Find potential affiliates and JVs for your products (If the bloggers are embedding your FREE content there’s a very good chance they’re willing to promote your stuff as well).

Which Tools Do You Use To Leverage Youtube?
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  1. Nice tutorial for this. I use the vidIQ extension for Chrome to find out all the sites embedding my videos. Have you tried that one yet?

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