WPX Hosting Review – Why I Migrated To Them

WPX Hosting Review

Editor’s note: Previously known as Traffic Planet Hosting they have rebranded to keep a different name from their traffic planet hosting forum and not confuse customers. Access to discount promotional code at the end of this review.

This WPX Hosting review is well overdue …

Their official website where you can check them out: http://wpxhosting.com

Every once in a while I come across frustrated online entrepreneurs on Facebook who complain about the endless nightmares they are having with their web hosting providers.

So if you’re looking to avoid high blood pressure and reduce the level of profanity you use in front of the kids when having to “communicate” to your current web hosting support I feel your pain.

If you’re thinking of starting your own blog minus the hosting headaches that come with it then I hope this review points you in the right direction.

WPX Hosting In A Nutshell

WPX Hosting is a WordPress hosting service that are capable of hosting high traffic websites like www.paleoforwomen.com, www.simplyphilippines.net and www.wpsquared.com.

Why I Decided To Make The Move To WPX Hosting

I used to run my sites with another web hosting provider (no need to mention their name) and found myself getting royally PISSED off at restrictions imposed on my sites.

Imagine waking up to emails like this “advising” that your hosting account is blocked:


The Guy In The Picture Does NOT Even Come Close To What I Felt Reading This Email

And then after spending minutes on end using support chat I found myself even more stressed trying to explain my case and the need to use the plugins I was using.

Ever feel like you’re talking to yourself when on LIVE chat with hosting “support”?

Well …

That’s when enough was enough, taking my business elsewhere by getting my sites migrated for FREE to WPX Hosting (WPX) via recommendation of a web designer friend.

The Move To WPX Hosting

I am a true believer of giving credit where credit is due and the migration to WPX was not only a breeze but to this date I have not experienced a more capable, friendly and FAST support desk.

Some of my tickets get responded within minutes …

Here’s an excellent example.

I opened a hosting transfer ticket and had a question on how long it would take to get the website up at 17.01.2015 at 13:37:44 and got a a response 6 minutes later:

WPX hosting review

Fast, Friendly and competent web hosting service — Like it SHOULD be!

And another example of how flexible these guys are.

I had a product launch and was concerned that I was going to be expecting more traffic than usual and was given a confident and competent “not to worry” response:


No Forced Upsell Attempts Or Any Other Shenanigans Like Other Hosting Providers

In Autumn of 2016 I also had a loading issue with one of my websites that takes service payments — A matter of just a few seconds can make the difference between a new customer and a lost customer.

So I brought this up to the attention of the WPX hosting support desk and within a couple of hours I am now running the website with a new improved load time of 880 Ms from the old load time of 2.2 seconds.

WPX hosting helped me optimize load times on one of service based sites. Thanks!

WPX hosting helped me optimize load times on one of my service based sites. Thanks!

So How Does WPX Hosting Compare To The Competition

A picture is worth a thousand words …

WPX Hosting Review: Comparison Sheet

Tip on choosing a suitable package:
If you’ll not be running more than 5 websites at a time then the Business plan is more then sufficient. Higher packages i.e. Professional and Elite are available as well that you can check out in their SSD plans and pricing section.

Within the membership area which I outline below you can always upgrade and downgrade according to your needs.

SSD Plans And Pricing

What Does The WPX Hosting Backend Look Like?

The WPX Hosting Dashboard

A pretty intuitive backend office that includes access to your latest opened support tickets, a knowledgebase (top right) and 24h support via an additional chat window.

However in my experience opening up a ticket is just as fast.

The My Account section includes ability to change your password, view your invoices and tweak safety features e.g. the ability to block certain IPs from accessing your dashboard.

Should come in handy for those of you who want the extra security.

The Pros And Cons Of WPX

No product or service is perfect and the WPX Hosting web hosting service is no exception. Below you will find the Pros and Cons you should be aware of.

Pros /Cons Of Traffic Planet Hosting

Capable of hosting high traffic websites
FREE SSL Certificate Included
Fast and Competent Support
All accounts include daily backups and 99.95% uptime guarantee.
Web FTP included (Accessible under a File manager in backend)
Higher price point for monthly packages



WPX Hosting Review: Final Verdict

With a professional team on support you’ll immediately notice that the guys and gals at WPX Hosting (WPX) are really fast and efficient when it comes to answering your tickets.

The hosting service is just as fast and I have yet to experience any downtime.

YES — There are cheaper alternatives out there but you get what you pay for!

As a service I have been using for over a year and a half now (I’m using the WPX Hosting Business plan) at the time of writing this review I HIGHLY recommend checking these guys out.

I hope you found this WPX hosting review useful and if you have any questions drop them in the comment box below.

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  1. Hi Abdallah, as the co-owner of WPX, I wanted to say many thanks for the detailed review, much appreciated!

    We have very high benchmark standards here and are always looking to innovate with new features and services, normally at no cost to our users – stay tuned for a lot of great stuff in the pipeline now.

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