The Epic BuzzBundle Video Tutorial Part 1

Update: Just heard back from the  BuzzBundle team and the Free Version of BuzzBundle listed below comes with a 15 day trial to save campaigns and tracks 70% of Buzz for these 15 days (30% after the trial).

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In this BuzzBundle tutorial series we’ll be diving straight in with zero fluff and filler.

In this 1st part I will teach you how to install BuzzBundle on Windows.

The installation process is similar for Mac and Linux users and  will be outlined below.

The tool is not only versatile but you will be seeing just how powerful it can be throughout the rest of this video tutorial series.

But if you like what you see and want to follow along …

Get BuzzBundle (Pro) at the official website:

BuzzBundle Video Tutorial

Please Watch The Video Horizontally If On A Mobile Device

Your reputation in social media

Click the PDF image above and click Save As. Would recommend printing it out.

For Windows Users: Installation guide

Prerequisite: You will need Java 6 or a newer (32-Bit) which is FREE in order to complete the installation. Chances are you won’t see any nagging warning messages after installation but if you do see a Required Java Version is Missing follow the instructions the tool gives you.


Save the zip file to your desktop

Once you’ve downloaded the windows version make sure to copy the zip file to your desktop.

Save the BuzzBundle zip file to your desktop

Save the zip file to your desktop

After you have saved the zip file to your desktop you will need to extract the file with a zip program. This program is normally provided with your windows installation.


Extract the contents

Extracting BuzzBundle on Windows 8

Extract the file contents to a folder on your desktop as shown

If completed correctly, you should now see a folder with the same name of the zip file you just extracted — You’ll now need to open up the folder and find the exe file and click on it.

Once you’ve clicked on the exe file you may be asked to enter your admin password to proceed. If your account does have admin rights you’ll see the next screen where you can choose the language of your installation.


Installer Language

Choose Language

In this tutorial we’ll be installing the english version

Select English from the dropdown box as shown above and click on Ok (which will appear once you’ve selected the language for your installation).

Proceed with the next button till you see the license agreement.


License Agreement

BuzzBundle license agreement

Accept the license agreement via the I Agree button

Make sure to read through the End User License Agreement.

After you have done so click on the I Agree button to proceed to the next window in the installation process.


Choose Components

On the next screen BuzzBundle is selected by default — indicated by the greyed checkbox.

You can leave all these settings as they are and proceed to the next window via the Next button.
Leave the components at default

Leave the components at default

You will then be given an option to select where you want to install.

The default settings work fine. Click on the install button.

Choose your installation path

Choose your installation path


Installation complete

After the setup wizard has completed (which normally takes a minute or two) you will be notified.

Click on finish.

BuzzBundle Installation complete

Installation complete – Congratulations!


Installation complete!

Congratulations you now have BuzzBundle installed on your PC which can be easily accessed via a shortcut on the desktop or the windows taskbar.

One of the plus points that you’ll also notice, is that it’s rigorously maintained as can be seen via the notifications window in the bottom right hand corner on startup.

Ready to start with BuzzBundle

Installation running on Windows

The tool is platform independent and also works on Mac OS X and Linux systems.

For Mac Os X Users: Installation guide


How to install BuzzBundle on Mac OS X

BuzzBundle On Mac OS X

Installation running on Mac OS X

The installation follows a similar (if not simpler) process like the one outlined above for Windows users.

You will be prompted to install Java when loading the tool for the 1st time and after that it’s just a matter of following the setup wizard.

For Linux Users: Installation guide


How to install BuzzBundle on Linux

Buzzbundle On Linux

Installation running On Linux – Xubuntu 12.04.2

Download and extract the contents to your desktop.

Unlike Windows and Mac users, you’ll need to install Java by hand (assuming you haven’t done so already).

You can check if you have Java installed by typing  the command java in the terminal. If you get an apt-package listing, this means you need to install Java which you can do with sudo apt-get install openjdk-6-jdk openjdk-6-doc.

You’ll then need to run the shell script within the extracted folder via a 2nd command sudo ./

Once installed just type BuzzBundle within the terminal and you’re good to go.

BuzzBundle And BuzzBundle Pro Comparison

This series is more of a BuzzBundle tutorial rather than a BuzzBundle review.

You can find the features and 3 key differences between the free and paid versions below. This should help you make an informed decision on which one is best suited for your business.

BuzzBundle (FREE Version)

  • No ability to save history of social communications. The FREE version now also comes with a 15 day trial to save campaigns.
  • Tracks 30% of brand mentions.
  • 5 keyword groups and 50 keywords per project.

Who i recommend this free version to?

If you want to test the tool and saving the history of social communications is not important you don’t need the Pro version.

However if you need to save your campaigns and need more flexibility with more keywords i would recommend going pro when you can.

Get The Free Version Here

BuzzBundle Pro (PAID Version)

  • Ability to save history of social communications.
  • Track all brand mentions.
  • 10 keyword groups and 100 keywords per project.

Who i recommend this paid version to?

For those who have a budget to invest in tools and need more flexibility for their campaigns.

This includes the saving of social communications, being able to track all brand mentions and have more keyword groups and keywords per project.

I use and highly recommend  the pro version which i will be teaching in the remaining tutorials …

Get The Pro Version Here

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  1. Very informative Tutorial Thank you.

  2. Hey Abdallah,

    thanks for this nice tutorial. I especially like the installation instructions for Mac/Windows computers. That’s something I didn’t cover in my own tutorial.

    All in all I appreciate your effort and can only agree that it’s a nice tool to get some eyeballs on your content in no time.

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