My Free 2 Minute Fix To Reducing Bounce Rates By 2.84%

Editorial Note:

So it’s time to get my 2014 started where I will be focusing on software I’ve been testing and traffic case studies using reverse content funnels (more on that in the future) …

In this short post I wanted to share a quick 2 minute fix on how I managed to reduce the bounce rate by 2.84% on an authority site I’ve been working on in my spare time.

My Bounce Rate Results (August To September 2013):

It’s amazing what small differences we make to a website can affect bounce rates either in a good or bad way!

2.84% decrease in the bounce rate from July to August is the decrease I noticed after making 1 change to the sidebar widget revealed below.

Traffic is 100% organic and 1st advertisers from BSA ( have already started buying recurring banner ads at the site because I’m giving them the best spots above the fold …

which is where I should actually should be placing my optinbox (but that’s a test for another day), once I figure out how to segment the list after they enter their emails.


So What Is Bounce Rate?

Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who come over to your site and decide they’d rather be elsewhere which is called “bouncing”(leaving the site) rather than continuing to view other pages within the same site.

There’s a LOT more that goes into reducing Bounce rate like learning how to drive the correct traffic to your sites (which I’m still learning and hope to perfect by the end of 2014).

So if you take anything away from this post just remember:

Traffic is not the only thing you should be concentrating on!

Reducing bounce rates should also be one of your goals because you’re not going to get clicks on your Adsense or links if people leave your site so fast, so we’re aiming to reduce the bounce rates!

79.11% in August (see image above) is still unacceptable but it’s much better than the 81.95% from July.

So although the mini experiment in August may have contributed to the reduction in Bounce rate, I will have to monitor the bounce rate for the following months to eliminate “traffic quality” as a factor.

Regardless, try out what I am about to share and let me know if it reduces your bounce rates as well.

Ok, So Here’s What I Did In The Experiment Of 2013 …

Wordpress Sidebar Widget

WordPress Sidebar Widget

I setup my WordPress sidebar widget so that people see more of my content in the right hand side of the site.

Good way to avoid banner blindness but DON’T use it on Google Adsense since it’s against their TOS:

  • Latest Posts with Thumbnails:  The most recent posts with thumbnails on your blog.
  • Text: Over here I plugged in an Adsense block 160×600 (Since removed to attract advertisers and avoid traffic leaks).
  • Top Posts & Pages: I set the Number of posts to show: field to 20 and Display as: to image list.
  • Tag cloud: Lists your most used tags in cloud format.
  • Recent Comments: I set the Number of comments to show: field to 7
  • Facebook Like Box: I set this right to the bottom with a List Builder Optin that follows the visitors as they scroll down the page. This can also be deactivated at will.

And that’s what I did in 2013 with my traffic case study site:

Hope it helps and let me know what you think in the comment box below.


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