Kevin Fahey Solo Ad Escape Review

Welcome To My Kevin Fahey Solo Ad Escape Review

Hi Abdallah here and today’s review is going to be on Solo Ad Escape by Kevin Fahey which goes live on Tuesday 7th October at 11:00 AM EST.

In this Solo Ad Escape Review I’m going to be sharing my thoughts on Kevin’s new course and give you a sneak peek of what’s included in the training.

You can see what Kevin has to say once Solo Ad Escape goes live:
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Ok, So What Is Solo Ad Escape?

Solo Ad Escape is a PDF report that will teach you how to get traffic to your squeeze pages outside of Solo Ads.

In the report Kevin outlines how he replaced his $5,000 per month Solo Ad Business with a $20,000 – $30,000 per month income from product launching and affiliate marketing.

The report is broken down into 4 digestable chapters and is a short zero fluff 23 pages I covered in one sitting.

Here’s what’s covered:

  • Chapter 1 (Introduction): Short 6 pages of why Kevin created the report and why he moved his core business away from Solo Ads.
  • Chapter 2 (The Escape Route): Covers 3 methods Kevin uses to segment his list via Squeeze pages, Surveys and Early bird sequences.
  • Chapter 3 (Building Your Business The Right Way): The meat of the report covering how to brand your business from day one, how to create the perfect funnel and how to increase your value per customer.
  • Chapter 4 (Traffic Problem resolved): The final chapter of the report covers alternative traffic to Solo ads which involve Facebook Ads and how to retarget potential clients.

What I liked about the report:
a) Short and to the point.
b) Report comes from someone who has an active online business and speaking from experience.
c) Liked the pay per lead method covered on Page 21.

What I didn’t like about the report:
a) I felt a case study with examples would have given the report much more meat.

Are There Any Upgrades Included?

There are actually 3 upgrades to the Solo Ad  Escape report I’ll briefly outline below to help you make an informed buying decision.

Solo Ad Escape Upgrade #1: IM VIP Training

This is a training vault of all of Kevin’s products and training and you’ll be getting lifetime Access should you decide to invest in the training.

Kevin has a lot of experience with the PLR (Private Label Right) membership business model so if that’s something you would like to invest in then upgrade #1 would be a sound investment.

Solo Ad Escape Upgrade #2: List Profit Generator

This is an updated Pay Per Lead script  for Internet Marketers that can be self hosted.

Here’s a demo of the List Profit generator Software by Kevin himself:

So in a nutshell with Kevin’s List Profit Generator you can set up and manage your very own pay per lead programs and have 10s, 100s even 1000s of affiliates actively recruiting leads for you.

So YOU get to decide how qualified the leads are, how many you want and how much you are willing to pay for each and every single lead.

This is a very powerful tool I recommend checking out.

Solo Ad Escape Upgrade #3: Download PLR Products

This upgrade is where you will get access to Kevin’s PLR (Private Label Rights) membership site.

I only recommend this one if you are interested in leveraging PLR content for your marketing needs.

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