Kevin Fahey IM Coaching Series Product Creation Review

Hey Abdallah here,

It’s already February and depending on when you read this review Kevin Fahey’s IM Coaching Series Production Creation may have reached critical mass.

I thought I’d do an extensive IM Coaching Series Review for those of you wanting to know what this coaching series is all about.

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As a coaching student of Kevin Fahey’s 2015 class I hope that my thoughts and experience launching a product will help you make an informed decision.

Kevin Fahey’s IM Coaching Series Production Creation

  Tons of mistakes made on my end for my 1st mini-launch in 2015 but still profitable with only 5 active affiliates

I have also put together an IM Coaching Series Product Creation Bonus at the bottom of this review that will help you if you’re looking to invest in Kevin’s coaching.

Kevin Fahey’s IM Coaching Series Area – Video Review

All Kevin Fahey coaching students get access to:

A) IM VIP Training (Usually $147 Per Year but FREE for coaching students)


IM VIP Training Is Part Of The Bonus Training Coaching Students Get

IM VIP training which currently sells for $147 yearly ($27 PM) by itself here

Coaching students get access to all 12 months of training that covers everything from the basics e.g. how to setup a profitable online business from day 1 to list building case studies, software tools for members and webinar replays.

B) Group Coaching Access

With the Group Coaching you will get 7 weeks of live training (All live training sessions are also recorded so that you can replay and review the content any time you want).

Once logged in you’ll be welcomed into the community in a short 3 minute video by Kevin Fahey.

The membership area is neat and simple and this is what’s going to be covered in the 2016 edition:

Short 3 Minute Video Welcoming You As A Coaching Student

Short 3 Minute Video Welcoming You As A Coaching Student

WEEK 1: Picking Your Niche (Saturday, February 20th 2016, 10 A.M. EST / 3 P.M. UK)

In the first week of training, the focus is putting solid foundation for your online business in place. When you follow what you’ll learn this week and beyond, you’ll have everything you need to build a successful online business.

You’ll learn how to pick a niche and ultimately a product that is in-demand and will generate sales. In addition you will also get several examples of product ideas that you can run with right away based on questions from Kevin’s customers and own research.

WEEK 2: Outsourcing Funnel Setup (Saturday, February 27th 2016, 10 A.M. EST / 3 P.M. UK)

Outsourcing has been a crucial part of Kevin’s online success and it makes sense to play your strengths and outsource everything else. This will not only give you the time to manage your product launches but also leverage yourself to get more done and make more money.

You’ll learn about the tools that Kevin uses in his launches to manage his team of contractors, where he finds his contractors, how much he pays them, and the contact information for his best designers and copywriters.

WEEK 3: Facebook Advertising (Saturday, March 5th 2016, 10 A.M. EST / 3 P.M. UK)

Product launch experts use Facebook to send traffic to a squeeze page to build a list, which is something Kevin covers in this part of the coaching, but there’s so much more you can do with Facebook ads.

You’ll learn why Facebook is so effective, how to recruit JVs with Facebook, and the right way to use retargeting to get incredibly cheap clicks.

Also included in this section of the coaching, is how to setup campaigns and put your ads together to maximize PROFITABILITY.

Some Results From Fellow Students

Students Taking Action In The Group Coaching

WEEK 4: JV Attraction (Saturday, March 12th 2016, 10 A.M. EST / 3 P.M. UK)

In this week’s training you’ll learn where to find JVs that can send massive traffic to your launch and how to approach them to get them to mail for YOUR launch.

You’ll see actual examples of the right way and the wrong way to approach JVs.

When you follow what you learn inside this portion of the training, you’ll be able to recruit as many JVs as you want for your launch, even if you’re brand new and unknown in your market.

WEEK 5: JVZOO Set-Up And Configuration (Saturday, March 19th 2016, 10 A.M. EST / 3 P.M. UK)

In this training, you’ll get a complete A-Z overview that covers how to setup JVZoo for your launch.

You’ll learn everything from creating your front end product, to adding upsells, downsells, integrating it with your membership site, and a lot more.

This is structured as an “over my shoulder” training to make it easy to go back and watch when you’re setting up your funnel and you have access to a private Facebook Group to discuss this.

Private Facebook Group Is Also Included For Coaching Students

Private Facebook Group Is Also Included For Coaching Students

WEEK 6: Preparing For Launch Day (Saturday, March 26th 2016, 10 A.M. EST / 3 P.M. UK)

In this week you’ll learn all about the most common errors throughout during your launch and throughout your sales funnel that can cost you sales and how to avoid them.

Kevin will share EXACTLY what you must do the week before the launch to maximize your profits, and there are no stones left unturned during this training.

Going through this training alone will make you more knowledgeable about how to successfully complete a 5 or 6 figure launch than 99% of all the marketers out there.

WEEK 7: Closing High Ticket Sales (Saturday, April 2nd 2016, 10 A.M. EST / 3 P.M. UK)

You’ll get examples of actual high ticket products and services that Kevin has offered along with in-depth training on how you can do this yourself.

You’ll learn how to add more revenue to your bottom line and where to find high ticket clients, the best type of high ticket products and services to offer, and a blueprint to get started from day 1.

Kevin Fahey’s IM Coaching Series Cons

No product/coaching including the IM Coaching Series by Kevin Fahey can be perfect and these are some brutally honest drawbacks in my opinion:

  • Technical Learning Curve – Although Kevin does a good job explaining the details of setting up a membership site and setting up JVZoo to take payments, there is a learning curve involved especially if you have never launched a product before.
  • Product Launches Specifically For IM Niche – Although Kevin covers how to attract affiliates aka Joint Venture (JV) partners in Week 4 if you’re thinking of launching a product outside the IM niche that section of the training won’t apply to you.

Kevin Fahey’s IM Coaching Series Pros

  • Step By Step Lessons From A Legitimate Coach – One of the main reasons I am recommending Kevin Fahey’s IM Coaching is that he cares for his students AND knows what he’s talking about.
  • Private Facebook Mastermind Group: All coaching students get access to a private Facebook mastermind group where you can ask questions and network with other online entrepreneurs like yourself.
  • Life Time Access To Previous Coaching Session Replays: As a 2016 coaching student you will also get access to the training replays from both 2014 and 2015 including questions that students had from those years.
  • JV Mailing To Kevin’s Affiliate List Of Over 2,000: Once you’re ready to launch your product Kevin will mail out your offer to his affiliate partners.
  • 45 minute Plan Of Action Skype Consulting Call: As a coaching student you’ll get to hop on Skype with Kevin for a 45 minute action plan to give you confidence and a clear plan of action to follow.

Is IM Coaching Series Worth It?

Kevin brings a lot of passion and integrity to the table when it comes to teaching his students and these are 2 important features I believe any coach worth their salt should have.

The coaching sessions are neatly laid out and replays made available to all coaching students — I recommend trying to join the live calls since you’ll be able to get your questions answered live.

The main reason I joined the coaching series in 2015 was to learn how to launch a product from someone experienced and without having to invest in cheap $7 and outdated products.

Now before I jump into the IM coaching series Bonus I have put together for you below I’d like to briefly address the “pink elephant” in the room — The investment.

The coaching is not going to be super expensive and as far as I have been told there WILL also be a 3 monthly payment plan involved.

So if you can afford the coaching I highly recommend jumping on board since you’ll not only learn how to launch products but also make valuable JV connections in the process.

My Rating

Kevin Fahey’s IM Coaching Series Bonus


Bonus #1: Membership Site In 30 Minutes
(ZERO Tech Skills Needed)


With our Membership Site In 30 Minutes you will get access to video training so that you can build a membership site with zero tech skills.


Once finished, you will have a 100% READY-TO-SELL membership site.

Here’s What You Get with this bonus:

Account setup and configuration video training:  You will learn how to create your account and configure all the necessary settings to get your membership site running smoothly.

Shopping cart configuration video training: Video training to create your membership pricing plans? We’ll get you up to speed so that you can make sure your shopping cart is 100% setup and ready to accept orders.

Sales Page Customization: We will also teach you how to customize your built-in sales pages. If you need a VSL (video sales page) copywriter, we’ll also hook you up with one to help your product convert on launch day.

Bonus #2: JV Attraction Formula


Kevin covers this in his training but when I launched my first product as one of his students I put my own twist to what he taught.

I’ll be giving you the exact blueprint I used to get over 300+ affiliates to join my JV tribe without paying a dime for advertising costs.

That’s 300+ affiliates who get an instant notification every time I launch a new product.

Of course not all of them will have the time to promote you which is why I recommend reaching out to affiliates and JVs personally which is also covered in the coaching.

Bonus #3: VIP Access To My Traffic Journey ELITE


You get insider access to My Traffic Journey Elite which will include:

1) All my current and future products.
2) All my traffic case studies.
3) FREE access to the lite versions of all my Software.

I will be launching this site as a high ticket program for $997 once I complete all my case studies but you get FREE access to them today.

Add the 3 bonuses above and you’ll not only be saving a TON of time and money setting up your membership sites …

But also have additional product launch training from my past and future experience as well.

How to claim? – Simply purchase via the link below once the coaching goes LIVE on FEBRUARY 9th@ 10.00 AM EST and forward your receipt to ceo [at] mytrafficjourney [dot] com. Bonuses will be processed and sent out within 24 hours.


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