How To: Creating Youtube Cards 101


Abdallah here and in today’s quick tutorial I’m going to be showing you how to create Youtube cards which will be a nifty addition to your video marketing arsenal.

What Are Youtube Cards?

Youtube cards are a relatively new feature by Youtube where you can add promotions and links on your videos that stand out when clicked.

And when I say stand out I mean like a sore thumb 😉

That’s a good thing for YOU especially if you want to start leveraging video traffic and drive that traffic anywhere you want.

Here’s a LIVE video example of what a Youtube card looks like.

Notice what happens when you click the “I” in the top right hand corner:

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Before I show you how to create your first Youtube card let’s take a step back and look at:
a) What types of Youtube cards we can use and
b) When to use each Youtube card on your videos.

Quick Explanation Of The Youtube cards And When To Use Each One

There are 4 Youtube cards to date:

1) Associated website: With this option you can link straight to your associated website.
My thoughts: Recommend using these if you want to drive traffic and leads back to your websites.

2) Fundraising: This is a nifty card if you want viewers to contribute to your projects on fundraising sites.
My thoughts: I’d use these if you’re trying to raise funds for a project.

3) Merchandise: With this card you can promote merchant based sites straight from the video.
My thoughts: I’d be careful using this one especially if you’re direct linking with Amazon based reviews but may come in handy if you’re selling physical products.

4) Video or playlist: With this Youtube card you can promote videos and playlists.
My thoughts: Very useful feature especially if you have a video silo setup to help you rank on Youtube with minimal backlinks.

Here’s how to setup a Youtube card for an Associated website:

And how to setup a Youtube card to link up your videos and playlists:

4 Quick Steps To Creating Your First Youtube Card

Prerequisite for this step is that have the right tools to record your videos before upload to your Youtube channel.

A free tool I really like using is screencast omatic and here’s a good resource on using screencast omatic.

So without further ado let’s get started —  Make sure you’re signed into your Youtube account.

Step 1/4: Click on the video manager and then on the video which you want to “Edit” like so.

Youtube Cards Tutorial
Step 2/4:
After clicking on “Edit” from Step 1 you will then see an option to add a card on your video.

Click on the “Cards” button as shown below:

Youtube Cards Tutorial 2

Step 3/4: Click on “Add Card” again and you will be given a selection of Youtube card types.

We’ll be selecting associated website for this example.

creating youtube cards

Step 4/4: The next step is to either upload your own image (or pick from the suggested image if you’re linking to a post).

Ideally you’ll want to be linking back to high converting landing pages.

What you need to do now is fill in the details of your site under “Website Url”.

Then add your teaser text and “call to action”.

Click on “Create Card” and you’re done!


Congratulations on creating your first Youtube card and I hope this blog post serves you well!

What are YOUR thoughts and experiences on Youtube’s new Youtube cards feature?

Let me know in the comment box below.


  1. Hi Abdallah – I just wanted how helpful this post has been , and that it came along just at the right time in my business when I am starting to look more closely at YouTube and what I can do with it. I love your blog very much, and the way you have set it up. You clearly know what you want to do with this. I am surprised not to be seeing a free front-end high value offer to bring people in to your funnel – but I guess that’s a method you have chosen not to use. Great job – I will visit your blog often 🙂 Thanks

    • Hey Richard,

      You made my day :). Thanks for dropping by and taking the time to comment. Youtube is definitely worth checking out.

      It’s been instrumental to my business in more ways than one and I’m sure it will serve you well.

  2. Thanks for the introduction to this YT Card Abdallah. Something new to look at. Appreciate the step by step tutorials too. Thanks once again.

  3. Super good videos with tutorials and explanations. Even I (and I’m not techie at all), can follow along.

    This is so much better than the system they had. Now, if we can just prevent people from running ads on our vids that link to the same product!

    I may try using YT again, but I find keeping videos on a private server and applying good SEO to them, gets them ranked just as well. And, you don’t have to worry about the distractions YT has or other ads running before your video.

    So seriously will consider YT. Two thumbs up for a fantastic tutorial!

    • Hey Dawn,

      Thanks and will be having more tutorials this month. As far as using videos goes Youtube and their cards are useful to drive traffic.

      However if you’re going to be working on private videos and/or sales videos other networks are definitely recommended. My favorite is wistia.

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