Godaddy Nameservers – 4 Step Process With WPX

Godaddy Nameservers WPX Setup

Godaddy Nameservers note: This Godaddy Nameservers setup will show you how to change your site’s nameservers to WPX hosting (Missed the EPIC hosting nightmare WPX saved me from? Check out this WPX hosting review).

The official website where you can check them out:

I often get emails asking me how to point GoDaddy Nameservers to hosting accounts so I thought I’d whip up a quick 4 step setup guide to help those who are looking to complete the same process with a real example using WPX hosting.

Step 1: Updating The Godaddy Nameservers

If you have a GoDaddy domain which you would like to be hosted at the guys at WPX hosting, then you are going to have to update the domain’s Nameservers so that they point to your site.

To complete this 1st step make sure you are logged in to your GoDaddy account.

You’ll then want to go to the management panel for domains that should look like this:

Godaddy Nameservers

Step 2: Launching The Domain

The next involves clicking on the button that says “Launch” over in the “Domains” section. This will result in a populated list of all your GoDaddy domains that looks like this:

Step 3: Setting Nameservers

The next step is a bit tricky if you don’t know where to look.

What you’ll need to do is click the arrow pointing downwards in the menu to select the domain that you would like to change Nameservers for.

After doing this, select this drop down selection and choose the item marked with “Set Nameservers”:

Step 4: Selecting Custom Nameserver

After completing step 3 you will then see a window with Nameserver settings that should look like this:

Almost there …

What you need to do over here is choose the “Custom” radio button (shown in image above). This will enable you to change the servers by clicking the link labeled “Edit Nameservers” as shown below.

You’ll need to remove any Nameservers already present so that you have 2 blank Nameserver entries as seen above.

These blank Nameserver entries need to be replaced with the Nameservers in your WPX hosting backend.

Example: and as shown below.

Ofcourse, your nameservers might look different so it would make sense to click on Dashboard and then service details in the WPX hosting backend.

The nameservers you’re looking for will be listed under “server details”:

Finalize by clicking on “Ok” and Save and you have successfully changed your Godaddy Nameservers to WPX hosting.

Just keep in mind that the actual change might take as long as 48-72 hours to come into effect due to the DNS propagating time — Here’s a good resource on DNS propogation check.

Hope you enjoyed this quick Godaddy Nameservers setup in 4 quick steps and it serves you well.


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