Four Percent Group Review: My Thoughts On This Online Community

Hey Traffic Warrior,

Most people invest 98% of their time to get 2% of their results = Common recipe for Information Overload.

If you’re sick and tired of theory and want to learn how to put in 2% of your time to get 98% of the results, then make sure to check out my honest thoughts on the four percent group:


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2017 Update (Things are getting interesting in the Four Percent Group ^^)

I joined the four percent group in late 2016 (as a lifetime member) NOT to promote the four percent group, but to learn how to:
a) Create sales funnels and
b) Drive traffic to my software business.

As far as creating sales funnels goes it has been a educational ride so far especially in the traffic department with initial tests promoting my software business modeling the four percent group funnels looking promising.

Modeling Four Percent Group Funnels To Promote My Own Software Business

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The new Four Percent Group 2017 Dashboard

I’m liking the new four percent group 2017 dashboard that lists the latest projects and what’s happening as far as training and funnels goes. Transparent, short and to the point.

The new four percent membership back end is looking slick

The Facebook group is also growing with over 12,000 members …

Great way to network with other entrepreneurs AND learn at the same time:

I’m NOT the biggest fan of Facebook groups (most of them are a total waste of time and full of affiliate spam — Yuck).

However, I’m pleasantly surprised about the Four Percent Facebook group (and spend an hour a day in there) especially at how the more experienced members of the community help each other out!

So what are the best places to focus on when you join the four percent community?

I would recommend visiting these 3 places once you’ve created your free account and completed the 7 steps to results training:

1. The 4% group replays: 2 replays that I gained a few valuable nuggets from were the traffic and list building / how to make $10 K webinars.

One place not to miss is the webinar replays section especially if you can’t make the live calls

2. Operation 100K: So far at the time of this writing we’ve reached Episode 5.  I would recommend getting up to speed on all 5 under the Business & Marketing section.

Operation 100K is probably one of the most transparent training I have come across to date — I think you’ll enjoy it.

Full Disclosure: I believe free four percent group members get operation 100K training till Episode 4 (I am a lifetime member — You’ll see the offer once logged in).

However don’t let this discourage you if you’re tight on funds at the moment because the free training in itself till Episode 4 over delivers more value than ANY other training I have seen to date.

3. How to tutorials: More for the beginners/intermediate marketer but I see a lot of questions being asked in the Facebook group that are already answered in this section.

I wanted this four percent group review to be as informational as possible to help you know exactly what you get and can expect.

Till we speak again wishing you an awesome rest of your week(end).

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